Are audiophile speakers turn on for single women?

I recently purchased a pair of speakers that I showed to a non-audiophile female friend of mine. She said they looked beautiful and asked how much they cost. When I told her, her jaw dropped. She then asked if I was using them to pick up hot chicks. Hmm...I told her the only people who get turned on by my audiophile speakers are balding middle-aged men. She had a laugh, but I wondered if anyone tried to impress a girl with his stereo system. High end is a male dominated hobby like sports cars. So have you found a woman who was turned on by your system. I have had no such look. I just get blank stares when I talk about my hobby to women.
Absolutely, Especially if they like music. There is also a good chance she likes to dance. Hopefully she and you have rhythm, and a good sense of the beat.(Not all people do). If she does like music she may have never experienced what her favorite groups and favorite songs can sound like. Remember the first time you were stuck with audio bug, you may well inspire the same feelings in her. (this is good!). Now all you have to do is let her experience her favorite music and slowly introduce her to the specifics of why you like your system and your favorite music. You will probably share some favorites, do not judge. It will not be long before you have Ravels Bolero playing and your evening will be on its way to romance. Don't forget candles and your favorite wine or champagne. It sounds better when you are relaxed and tension free.
I would be delighted to meet a woman who would approve of my stereo system, but I've never met a woman who liked or was turned on by anything audiophile, even if she loved music. The reaction and comments I get on my stereo is always negative, even by their friends. Although, I know they're some woman out there who would enjoy a nice audiophile system, I'm not expecting nor am I counting on woman to be turned on or like my system.. I've learned a long time ago to never bring up the subject of this hobby with women... unless I wanna run her off.
Only until they try to coexist. In which case she's not single anymore. Then, they're ugly. Of course, when she's becomes single again, they're a valuable asset. Kidding.

Any deep interest might impress woman (beer, sports, sex don't count).
Sure . . . just like women think candlelit dinners and long walks on the beach attract men.
When women first see my eight foot tall electrostats their typical reaction is laughter.
Dream on, the only reaction you get from women is a sad, pitying shake of the head.

There was a nice little article in HiFi+ some years ago, by a partner of one of the reviewers. It said a recent survey had shown that women find HiFi fascinating and are very interested in Audiophiles, who obviously think that men have a sensitive, artistic side, if they like music. It ended with" Sorry guys, I was only kidding"

So if a new girlfriend shows an interest in your equipment(HiFi), she is lying
I have to ad my two cents into this one.The only possible turn on for single woman would be the cash register ringing in her little head.Meaning if she hears the amount you paid for your gear then she will start taking inventory and figure you have a wad of dough and you just might start spending it on her. Just my two cents thrown into the mix.
My wife loves my MAGICO MINI 2s thinks they look great and sound wonderful.
Women love music...not equipment...that being said...something shiny and made of exotic wood would have a higher appeal than say Vandersteens...and remember...vino vino...mmmmmmmn...
I have yet to meet a woman that "liked" my system. The closest was a musician whom loved the sound and my input into her craft, whereas I loved her piano...
Are audiophile speakers turn on for single women?

In 99% of single women it is highly unlikely. But there's that 1% of women that you find in male dominated endeavors. Finding a woman from that 1% is like finding a needle in a haystack!
Being a divorced 45 year old man for the last 10 years, I can say YES. I have not had a woman over that didnt like my set up or choice of music. Music is part of my life and I walk it like I talk it...
For me, not by the equipment per se, but my condensed story is the first time she came over to my house, we watched a movie/hung out/etc. Then I played some stuff for her and she was impressed by the sound (Classe/B&W setup at the time). Then I proceeded to sing (attempt to sing) Visions of Johanna off Blonde on Blonde to her. We've now been married for 5 yrs and just had a little baby girl, so hey it can work!!!!!!
No they are a turn off. Women will pretend to be interested in what you enjoy if they truly like you but trust me when they move in your systems on the chopping block. Rare is the women who enjoys equipment or loves you enough to let you enjoy hobbies. I for one lucked out I have giant horns all about the house my wife hardly gives me any grief.
No, they are a turnoff. Why? Well any gal will quickly realize that the person is crazy to spend that kind of money. She will know from the get go that she will always be competing with 'his stereo', leaving her unable to stock a closet with many pairs of $300 shoes. Hey, can't live without those shoes.
I do not mention it until the lady see the system and ask questions. I avoid the how much did it cost question like the plague. I defelect the quetion just like the washington prostitians. My girlfriend at first thought it was crazy but enjoys listening to her favorite music on my system but only if it is a good recording. She is 11 years younger than me and has better ears. Listening to music on my system is one of our favorite things to do together and usaully ends in much better activities later on in the evening. What was cool was the other night we went to her friend's house for dinner and her friend's husband was showing us their new $5000.00 Bose lifestyle system. I was very polite and it sounds nice and said nothing else but my girlfriend said it sounds just ok. They had a perplexed look on their face. The came over three days later for dinner and their jaws were on the floor. My girlfriend's friends were shocked how she took to my system. I think women are more practical and are more focused on the music than the equipment. So I just keep the conversation focused on her and the music and what she wants hear. They do appreciate good sound and can identify good and bad sound. Keep it focused on the music and your domestic life will be much better and you will spend less money on stupid things that do not work.
Well........women, single or married like to talk. If the speakers look like they would interfere or do interfere with conversation, however one sided then they will freak out....

Where is Elizabeth when we need her?
Yes i had nice responses , merely because they seem to think that , ....if there is so much spent on a system " there must be more " .

greetz hj
I've seen photographic evidence in some of the mainstream rags among their advertisers that certain specific brands seem to be like sirens for beautiful women. They also seem to enjoy revealing their physical assets while standing by the chick-magnet products. Vincent amps come to mind...some other speaker manufacturer, and even a wire vendor a while back. One could assemble a system from all these aphrodisiac components and, well, there'd probably be no more time for listening to music!
that is the point, is either music or the women..I do not like to mix it....hence I like ugly speakers and pretty women!
A psychologist might suggest that a woman viewing large pinnacles rising out of a flat surface would serve as a sexual turn on and inspire either arousal,or suspicion that this is to compensate for "other" inadequacies.So maybe stick with monitors and don't invite comparisons.Just stay away from mini- monitors.
This is a true story: Two weeks ago, my wife and I (we are in our late 50s) were in San Francisco on a vacation. We were driving around trying to find a restaurant we had made reservations for, and about one block from the restaurant, the unmistakable sight of Sonus Faber speakers caught my eye through a showroom window. I said, "Oh, it's a high-end audio store with Sonus Fabers." My wife, who merely tolerates my audio hobby, looked over as we drove past and said, "Oh, those are gorgeous, maybe the store is still open." We parked nearby and on the way to the restaurant, we walked into the store. It was about 6 p.m. and they were about to close the store, but the owner (I think the name of the place was Music Lovers) agreed to let us come in and take a look. I had never seen Sonus Faber speakers in "real life" and believe me, they are even nicer "in person." The Cremona, with the maple wooden sides, was particularly stunning. Well, a few days after we got home, we were talking about the great time we had on the vacation (we spent several days in Sonoma County also), my wife said, "You know, I keep thinking about those speakers." I'm not sure exactly what she meant by that and it even made me a little jealous. She didn't say it, but I know she wants me to buy them if and when I make my next speaker purchase, and put them in the living room. So, you can take this story for whatever it is worth.
..................only if one can promise the lady in question
that she WILL scream louder than the said speakers on full throttle.
who loves my speakers! Then I woke up :-(
Score!!! I got some last night from a babe who loves my speakers! Then I woke up:-(
Thirteen years ago, it was my wife who chose our Vandersteen speakers, because she loved the way they played music. Two nights ago, as she listened to some really well recorded Sonny Rollins, she said, "Wow, they still sound great !" Over the past few years, as I have upgraded my system, it's always Rebecca's ears that I rely on to help me improve my set-up.
maybe a sub-woofer if she's sit'n on it (me bad)
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Not sure if it is the equipment, but being passionate about anything (except another woman) seems to appeal to the fairer sex (i.e, men with no interest are not very interesting).
"The only possible turn on for single woman would be the cash register ringing in her little head."

I learned years ago not to bother trying to impress women with your stereo system, including speakers.

Maybe if its in a red Ferrari.......

Some middle-aged man out there will get a pair of Vandersteen Model 7's finished in Ferrari red paint.

It'll be the equivalent of two mid-life crisis episodes in one single package.
Not a chance. Dream on.

Elizabeth again pegs it, right on! Aside from my "crass man jokes", on the flip-side, when a man may compliment a women on her fine apparel, she will reply..."oh, this old thing"?..... in reality, she was running around town shopping all day to impress you! Love her! As Yogi Berra said, "men and women are the same, just different"
A big fancy house and luxury car is a big turn on for women.
Ok now if I can only afford a car and move out of my mother's apartment, I think the babes are going to flock to me. But really, I think women look at my speakers the way they look at an appliance or furniture...they better match the rest of the decor or they're outa there. Yea I would have to agree women actually listen to the music and not the equipment. May be size doesn't's the motion of the ocean.
Make sure you save enuff for upgrades before leaving the nest. Nevermind the college and crap.
This is really a sad thread. If you think your stereo will really turn on women, you are hallucinating. Take the girl on a nice tropical vacation and buy her a big diamond. Get a life.
Or you can do like i do and forget the girl. Money better invested in something that doesnt get mad at me for no reason whatsoever.
This thread is why audiofiles have such a geeky reputation. If you need your audio system to turn on a woman your in deep sh-t to begin with. Having said that, cheap women like surround sound and classy are 2 channel all the way.
Now if you would have said a REAL woman.....
Now that cable upgrade can definitely get her to bed, and the footer on her knees. May be the new CD treatment can get her to do something kinky!!!
I'd love to see a response from Slappy on this one!
Thsalmon and others, this thread was initiated as light entertainment. If you really believe I used my stereo to attract women, you are just too gullible. Why don't you lighten up?
My girlfriend is just too hot to care about my speakers. She's happy with her iPod. May be I'll bring her to next year's RMAF, but then again I'm not sure if I want her to be into my hobby.
I'd say it depends on what you have and how you talk about it. Reserved presentation of,as an example, Studer reel to reel and LAMM amps might not hurt. Speakers would probably never impress, they always look ugly.
Women are different you know, especially married ones..
Elizabeth, I fail to understand why you didn't want to post and why you decided to comply to the request.
Anyway, as a friendly advice, get rid of that Cardas in you system, and things may become a little better.
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I agree. A woman wants to be a diamond herself.
Gifts like that are often perceived as bribe or/and sign of stupidity, or as an insult.
If a man can talk about his stereo and at the same time be with the woman - it's all right.
Did I answer your question?