Are Argon 2s worth anything anymore?

Hi everyone,

I've got a pair of Amphion Argon 2s (2007), which I absolutely love, but I'm considering upgrading to a pair of floor standing mains, since I now have an ideal room to set up.

My question is, are my Argon 2s worth selling? If I couldn't get a decent amount for them, I'd probably just hang on to them, but I'm just wondering what they might go for. They're in near-mint condition, and include the original boxes/packaging.

Thanks for any input.

I purchased a year ago for $600, but that was a very good eBay deal.
I'd hang on to them. Unfortunately, as great as Amphions are, they don't have the name recognition in the US that they do in Europe. So you may take a beating on them. I just sold my Argon 7Ls to move up to the Krypton 3s and it took me 2 months to sell them.

How do you like your Kryptons? Have you found them to less dependent on room treatment and placement for good sound than other speakers?

And can they be overly bright depending on what amp is feeding them?