Are Apogee Scintilla Speakers worth purchasing

Given their age and dated design do they sound that good compared to more modern designs?
I have 2 pair of Apogees,Diva & Duetta Sig, both with heavily modded x-overs. I also have Sonus Faber Extremas,Electa Amators,Acoustat 2+2, Dunlavey Audio labs SC-V. So far my favs are the Apogee Divas, if you have the power and space. I suggest you visit the Apogee users group. All replacenent ribbons are readily available. If these are the 1 ohm models ya better have suitable amps, otherwise the speakers will eat the amps
In MY opinion, mine, the finest midband to ever be reproduced is thru the Apogee Stages. Other Apogees do many things better than the Stages, but the Stages have the finest midband ever to be produced thru a speaker. The Stages don't have nearly as tough a load as some of the bigger Apogee's. And when Sscot says they are a tough load, that shouldn't be taken lightly. A lot of the mega amps will choke trying to run the Diva's.
I have never listened to a pair of Scintilla, I have listened to the Centaur, Centaur Minor, Stage and Duetta Signatures. I own a pair of Centaur Minors and a pair of Duetta Signatures. You need to except the fact that if and when your speakers give it will be the one that will fix them. If that thought does not bother you, go for it IMO. As far as your question about more modern designs, one listen to any of the Apogee line should answer that question for you.

I have the Mini-Grands. They are the Stages w/subwoofer bases. With Pass Aleph 2 amps on the panels and a modded Aragon 4004MKII on the subs, these easily beat my Magnepan 3.3rs. They are the best speakers I've heard in my home, period.
I haven't heard anything that beats them. But I do want to check out the Studio Grands, the next Apogee up in the Grand series....
If you have an arc welder to drive them! I think today's panels/electrostatics are much better than the Apogees such as Innersound.
Timo, the little Innersound hi-breds would sound like little toy speakers if placed next to the Scintilla don't you think? Kind of like a pair of book-shelf placed next to your 20/20's. Apple's and orange's IMO.

How does the original Apogee full range speaker stack up against the other Apogee speakers listed above sonically and for the ability to be repaired? What amplifiers can drive these beasts?