Are any e-zines covering the Stereophile show????

Doesnt seem like too many people are covering this show. In fact, so far I have only found coverage on Thanks in advance.
Try this:

the Music coverage

The show wasn't really that interesting, but I'm glad I went. It was my
first 'home entertainment" show and it was good to see/hear some
components I have never had a chance too. It confirmed that I still prefer
tubes, not sure I like horns, and I need to check out the turntable scene.
But it seemed that too many companies were missing (I don't blame
them) and the hotel was a challenge to navigate. I really enjoyed the
Vandersteen experience, liked the small Resolution Audio setup, the
Alon/de Haviland room was dreamy, and I gotta check out the vinyl
scene. The Pipedreams were nice too, but I ain't got the cash. The Totem
room always sounded good (they had obviously carefully prepared it)
and a room with Talon speakers sounded really good. Good selection of
SACDs and XRCDs available (and vinyl), but DVD-A wasn't well
Enjoyed the Manley;Joseph Audio,Orphuem digital room. Excellent sonics and music and the Pearls sounded incredible. Also loved the Wilson Maxx with new VTL monoblock tube amps. Digital was the Meitner DAC 8, the professional version...the best I have heard. Although, the Orpheus or Orpheum from Switzerland was great digital too.

By far the best sound for the money and one of the best sounding rooms was the Gallo speakers room. The reference speaker they displayed for $1600 was absolutely amazing. It was driven by a Spectron digital amp, a Rogue tube preamp and an Arcam CD player. All the components were reasonably priced and the sound was amazing. I had to ask Anthony Gallo three times how much the speakers were because the sound stage, low end and absence of box sound were incredible. Great value for the money.

The Kharma room was excellent also. Lot's of great XRCD's, SACD's, Vinyl etc. I got burned on an album from Classic records with the Quiex 2 vinyl...suppose to be great, low noise vinyl. So I bought the Louis Armstrong plays King Oliver and the first play sounded like a used record played on a cheap turntable. The pops, skips and surface noise was terrible...not worth the $30 bucks I was soaked for.

Saw Dan D'Agostino, Arny Nudell, and many Stereophile writers and all were approachable and upbeat.