Are all resistors the same for tweeter attenuation on Maggies?

I got some "Wirewound Ceramic Cement Resistor 1 Ohm 5% 10W Watt Resistors" on ebay for my MMG.

They work fine however, I was wondering if all resistors are the same or are the one from Magnepan that comes with the speaker the better one in regards of sound quality?

Thanks for your inputs

Hi Thxbest,

Not sure what comes with Maggies, but I usually use Mills. 12 Watts are around $6. Mundorf wire wounds are very popular, and if you want to try something truly essoteric, the Caddock MP with the right heat sinks are available, and pricier are the Duelunds.

Compared to the cost of boutique caps, they're all easy to experiment with.