Are all Linn products made in Scotland?

If not, then where are all or some of their products made in?
you mean Skotland?
You mean Scotland?
Ittock LV II tonearms are made in Japan, and maybe some other tonearms.
I am sure there are a few parts here and there that are sourced form other places but does anyone here know if the bulk of their electronics and speakers are manufactured and assembled in Scotland or not? I am just curious. Thanks
The drivers for Majik 140 speakers are Peerless and made in Denmark. Great sounding.
A quick search shows that Peerless drivers are made in India. I wonder where the 140's cabinets and crossovers are made, and where it assembled in? China? Linn makes it sound like they are this this cool hi-fi company from Scotland designing and manufacturing there own audio. I am not so sure about this now.
Just follow the tune.
I love my Japanese Akito.
The speakers say Denmark on them. It's Linn's marketing one must beware of. Great if buying used, but way over priced new.
I want to thank Polk432
But as for the rest of you is there any reason you can not give me a normal answer? Please do not respond to this question if you have a hard time acting like a proper adult! This forum is for mature Audiophiles and not children.
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Perhaps the lack of responses which do not meet your exalted standards of intellectual content is directly related to the exceptionally vague aims of your original question.
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Hello everyone,

To anyone this might be of interest to I wrote an email to Linn and asked them directly. They told me that all of their products are still being manufactured in Glasgow Scottland. That's nice to know!

Thanks again to Polk432. The only one here that was adult enough to give me a couple of normal answers. Everyone else just talked about nothing wasting everyones time. I guess they let kids on this site now.
Although I did simply and DIRECTLY address the question in my initial post (or was I indirect? not sure...), I am honored to be lumped into the same "circus" as Cathode since his post was well done and hilarious. Bravo.
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@ Wof_garcia if you think your initial comment of, "I love my Japanese akito" is a proper response to my initial question, then I guess you and I have a completely different outlook on how someone should answer a simple question. I am new to Linn and like me most people may not know about the Linn Akito Tonearm. I am sure you thought you were being so witty in your comment. Anyways, you never even bothered to answer my initial question. So is the Akito made in Japan or Scotland? Or do you just like the Japanese sounding name? If it is made in Japan then a proper response from you could have went like this: I love may Japanese made Linn Akito Tonearm. I am not sure where other Linn products are made in though. Now that's called a proper response and contribution!
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Almost 11 years on this site now with not one problem form anyone. Ask one simple question about where Linn products are made and the circus monkeys come out. It is funny how most did not contribute anything on this thread and when I call them on it then they have so much to say. Lets recap your intelligent and thought provoking answers: 1. skotland 2. Don't you mean scotland? 3. Just follow the tune. 4. I love my japanese akito. Those answers are all just awesome! I can see why you feel the need to defend them. I can only hope that when you have a thread that everyone else puts in as much time and effort as you did. I got my answers thanks to Linn and Polk432. As far as I am concerned this thread is closed. You two can continue to contribute nothing if you want.
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I now realize what the correct answer to the original question should have been: No.
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I think the subject is interesting. I wish someone would make a database of where every component is made. And i like to sort out the manufactures from the marketers!! aND i like to sort out the inovators from the "me-toos". :)
Barring my snide/comedic remark toward the OP (ha), Mezzanine does ask very valid question!! 6550c does raise an important point.
Yeah...and where are Chevy Volts made...every part of them!!

Like it or not we live in a global economy and trying to have every part and every bolt made by the "manufacturer" is almost impossible.

By the way, Linn products are "made" in Scotland in their gorgeous state of the art manufacturing plant.
Some Linn tonearms are made in Japan, not in Linns gorgeous state of the art manufacturing plant.