Are Aerial 10T's still considered a Good speaker on 2018?


Have a chance to pick up a pair of Aerial 10t 's mk2 at a steal of a deal. I was just wondering if their consider a good speaker these days?

There are so many speakers out there, but for the money you claim to be saving I think you couldnt go wrong, partnered with the right electronics these speakers will be a tour de force in a medium sized room. My Dynaudio speakers are 18 years old and I would never get rid of them! Aerial 10T's were 7K back then..thats like 12K now.

Matt M
Funny you should ask! I just bought a set of MKII 10T's a few months ago "at a steal of a deal", and I'm loving them. I don't have experience with newer speakers that are comparable, so I can't specifically answer your question. Until someone does (czarivey?), I just can't help but add my 2 cents.

I was a die-hard Maggie fan since '86, and I must say I am blown away by the 10T's. They are definitely not bass-shy, and some would say they tend toward a tubby sounding bass, but I believe that has more to do with room size, placement and, in my case, I'll be adding some room treatment.

My room is 16x23x8, and I would think that is probably on the small end of the scale for this speaker. It was a time-consuming process, but I got them sounding great with a balanced bass response. That put the front of the speakers out about 5.5' into the room.

I don't have any regrets at all buying the 10T's!
A great speaker. You can't get a better speaker for the used price you'll pay.
Never heard them but they look awesome especially for the used price.
Aerial 10T will be still good 90 years from now
Are Aerial 10T's still considered a Good speaker on 2018?
IMO it depends on what a steal of a deal it is..Hard to remember exactly my thoughts on them as its been so long ago but the 20T was a major advance.I think Id wait for a "steal of a deal" on the 20ts
Listening to my 10t’s as I’m writing this. Original owner and have always loved them. Bought Merlin VSM because the 10t’s overwhelmed my main listening room. Too small 15x15 with vaulted ceiling and a clearstory. They love my 23x27x8 workshop driven by my equally old Bryson 4B. Source is an Auralic Aries Mini with a LPS directly driving the amp. Very happy and amazed by the synergism.  Buy ‘me quick
I think Id wait for a "steal of a deal" on the 20ts

That steal of a deal may probably be good for flippin' but factually for casual residential living room 10t will do better job no doubt unless it's a huge loft. My 10t are in 20x20room.
Michael Kelly is currently working on the 25T. Should out sometime this year.
Just worked with Kelly on a speaker change/upgrade for my system.  I did not want the ribbon tweeters of the 20T and so I switched from Model 9s to LR5s and added two SW12 subs.  I used the Model 9s for many years and they are very good as I believe they were originally intended as a price-point upgrade to the highly regarded 10Ts.  The Model 9s offer some advantages over the LR5s in the areas of bass extension, impact, and quantity.  They play well with all types of music and, like all the Aerial speakers I have heard, they never run out of steam when driven with good-quality amplification of sufficient power - Aerials like power but the Model 9s are more amplifier-friendly than most at 90dB sensitivity.

On the other side of the coin, I like the closed box (acoustic suspension) design of the LR5s even more.  The LR5s use two 9-inch woofers in a closed 105-pound box that feels like a solid concrete block.  I added Sound Anchor's new Signature Stands (custom made for me) and edenSound's Bearpaws for a total speaker/stand weight of about 180 pounds each!  Their sensitivity is much lower at 86dB so it takes a stout amplifier to hear them sing but IMO the bass is better defined and has a more natural-sounding roll-off than comparable bass-reflex designs (including the Model 9s).  The trade-offs are that they do not go quite as low (40 Hz) and they require more power to drive.  This is where the two SW12s round-off what to my ears is as close to a perfect speaker set-up as I have heard.  Kelly suggested I run the LR5s full out (no high pass) and roll in the subs and that has worked out exceptionally well.  Having the two high-quality powered subs has allowed me to custom-tailor the bass for loudness, impact, and room interactions.  The only thing I would change is to add one or two more SW12s.
The 10T's are fantastic speakers.  I've had mine for many years and still have not grown tired of them.
One of the best speakers in its class when new, still a good speaker today.   
at a steal of a deal they're a great speaker...but the price has been creeping up...a few years ago they were available well under $ make sure it really is a great deal...the 20T will cost way way more...

Well I don't have to ask the question any longer! I received the aerial 10t s yesterday and I immediately proceeded to set them up! The the aerial 10t's are as advertised. My previous speakers were LINN AV5140....The LINN speakers were more euphoric.
The 10T's are Very dynamic & Detail with the best bass ever heard in my room.
At one point I had to walk over to my subwoofers and make sure they weren't on.
The speaker seem to have unlimited amounts of Pace & Drive!
I'm using a HEGEL P4a mk2 pre-amp with Bel Canto Ref 1000 mono-blocs.

Hey, congratulations
I know you're going to love them! 

I have been wanting to try out some Class D stuff on them. Right now, I'm using a Wyred4Sound STP SE and a SST Son of Ampzilla II. So far SO GOOD!

I've been grinning non-stop since I bought mine!   
Enjoy.....   Aerial makes great speakers 
Thanks everyone for the Great advice!
Right on Bel-Canto Ref1000. Best match is there.
I am getting Good results with the 10T/Bel Canto Ref1000 COMBO.

What Source components are you guys using?
For now I'm using an Oppo 105d in pure audio mode.