Are advances in technology making speakers better?

B&w every few years upgrades there speaker line and other manufacturers do this to.  But because I have the earlier version does this mean it's inferior? Cable manufactures do the same thing.

How much more effort is required too perfect a speaker? my speaker is several years old and all the gear and the speaker are all broken in. And now I'm being told to upgrade.

I am so confused what should I do?


It seems to me that the OP wasn't really in a personal quandary about upgrading, but more trying to provoke a conversation about it. 

Is it wrong to apply the wife/girlfriend analogy that if it still feels good/sounds good just, for Christ’s sake, thank your lucky stars for your good fortune and enjoy.

Employ some Zen thinking and be satisfied for awhile.

@roxy54...either way, it worked. ;)

The baseline is still ones' perceptions about the devices being questioned having improved over time, and whether 'trickle down' works to 'lift all boats' to speak.

There always seems to be 'exceptions to the rules' in pricing v. performance in what seems to be any given (examples stated...or not) in nearly anything proposed.

Specs get poo-pooed, blind tests questioned as to veracity, 'new' gets greeted with huzzas or bronx cheers, 'old' is 'quaint' and needs new this, that, or dumpstered.

One can toss the towel and just enjoy what you've got until you don't, and return to the upgrade treadmill at the price point you pick.

Please carry on, though....tired of watching and trying to ignore the election returns. ;)

If one likes the quite processed sound quality of B&W speakers, their various design iterations have been getting better.

If one doesn't, they've been getting worse.

Better spanners don't necessarily make a better mechanic.