Are 6H23P's the Same as a 6922?

I've got a CAT Ultimate, and wanted to try a set of 6H23's I got from Kevin Deal at Upscale. Are these two tubes exactly interchangeable? Thanks, Peter
They are not exact duplicates but will work in some applications. I would contact CAT b4 u make the swap.
They're not exactly the same but can be used in place of 6922's as 6922's are used in place of 6dj8's. I've used them in audio research LS-15 and PH3SE preamps.
They're very good nos tubes better than any stock 6922's
6H23P and 6922 are close enough for Leonard at ARC to tell me that I should be able to put one in my venerable LS2B without running the risk of frying any vital gizzards in the old girl. Have not tried the swap yet though.