Are 450VDC Solen caps the wrong XO upgrade???

Im upgrading the crossovers in a pair of old Marantz speakers. Each speaker currently uses (2) 10uf 50VDC and (1) 33uf 60VDC Culver caps in ea. speaker. I ordered Solen caps of the same values, ie 10uf and 33uf but noticed the VDC rating for the Solens is 450VDC? Is this a problem or a good thing? Speakers are rated at 250 watts max rms , driven by a PM84 that puts out over 120 watts rms. The Solen caps are much larger physically which is not an issue. Would 250VDC caps be better? Cost is not an issue, I want to use the best avail.Any help appreciated. Thanks.
Jeff, The higher voltage rating is what you want.
Bring yourself up to speed on caps here:

Thanks very much, building cabinets is my specialty...I normally dont get involved in crossovers. I think nows the time to learn! thanks for the link!