Arcici Suspension Racks

Anyone here use one of these in there system? What were your findings? How much weight can the shelves support? Did it improve the sound of your system?
Well thanks guys I will be putting my system on it in a couple weeks, I can't wait to do this!!!
I use an Arcici stand, spiked to a cement slab floor, inside a "closet" away from the speaker area, and even in that sirtuation it improved the music presentation with greater clarity to my amazement. There's no explaination for this improvement as there shouldn't be any air (different room) or floor (slab floor) bourne vibrations that can get to my equipment where it is located. It must be the mass loaded stand it self. I'll swear by it as one of best $/Value improvements I've made. It may or may not work as well for you, but it damn well worked for me.
Hi I used to own one a few years ago. It can hold a lot of weight. I had a SME 20/2, BAT VK51SE, BATvkp10se and a esoteric dv50s. All about 50 lbs each. It had plenty of lift to spare, weight isn't a issue with this rack.

It did improve the sound, especially the turntable. I did find various footers and shelves also helped it...I tried the symposium rollerblocks and ultra shelf under my table.

I've since moved on to a Finite Elemente Master Reference. For the money, the Arcici is a great rack.