Archiving VHS to DVD

The challenge is to archive old VHS tapes to a more 'permanent' medium such as DVD. I'd like to spare myself the expense of professional intervention and DIY.
Any suggestions? I've heard that there are devices which will convert an analog video signal to digital formats and then input that siganl to a PC.
The device I am using is branded as "Data Video model DAC 100". I am feeding it from tapes played on a Sony SLV-R1000 SVHS machine. So far I have transferred 8 full tapes and the results have been superb.

I don't know what software to suggest, I run Macintosh Computer and the software that comes with OS X has everything needed to transfer, correct, edit and burn to DVD.

No doubt there are versions for Windows and Linux based machines, perhaps others here at Audiogon can fill in that last part.
If you're looking for simplicity, there are also units that take the output of a VCR and burn them directly to DVD-R. I know Sony has at least one. There are also units that have both a VCR and a DVD burner.
Check with squidboyw he's doing that right now, but I don't know what he's doing.
I've done this by simply running the output of a VCR to my Panasonic hard drive/DVD recorder, rather than going the PC route. I copy to hard drive first so I can edit as needed, then dub to DVD. The Panasonics are less than $450 now. If you're not interested in the hard drive/editing facilities, there are combo VHS/DVD recorders available for less. Note, though, that these won't work if the videotapes are copy-protected.
Editing video on the PC requires more knowledge but it does give you the most control and advanced options. However, a settop DVD Recorder works very well. If you can spring for a DVD Recorder with hard drive it'll be even easier as you can do some editing to make the video fit onto a single DVD disc.
thanks to all for your suggestions! actually, Albertporter, the first item I found in an internet search was the model you mentioned. we considered it but opted for the cheapest method for experimenting: a 'Dazzle Video Creator 90' which is essentially a USB interface with video RCA inputs (video-audio left/right and s-vhs). it comes with some very basic editing software and has provisions for a variety of digital encoding formats. haven't really put it through the paces yet...will report later