Architect I.S.O. Compact TWR Speakers in Colors

An architect friend is currently redesigning the interior of his home. Instead of opting for in-wall speakers, he’s sold on the idea of using the speakers (multi-channel) as part of the décor.
He wants his cake-and-eat-it-too. He’s looking for relatively compact tower speakers that not only sound great but also must come in designer colors. His budget is $4K a pair but would prefer less, new or used.
Can you help complete the list, besides some of the obvious choices below?

Wilson Audio Watt-Puppy
Cain & Cain Abby
Zu Cable Druid 2
Von Schweikert DB99

Thank you.
I think Martin-Logan showed a redesigned or new speaker at CES that comes in colors.
The Zu Druid 2 is a great choice, but if you can swing it, the new Definition from Zu smokes the Druid 2. I have had my Definitions for 3 days & they are one of the most detailed speakers with an ultra smooth presentation. Zu just auctioned a pair off on Ebay, they sold for $3261.00. Retail is $5800 to $6400, they might auction some more off, keep an eye out.
More ideas?