ArcamFJM CD36: Can it compete with newer players

A friend wants to sell his Arcam FMJ CD36 player because he is going with a computer music system. Would like to know if this model Arcam CD player could compete (or even) exceed the performance of the higher end Sony, Rega and Cambridge Audio of the last 5 to 7 years. Reviews about the the Arcam FMJ CD 36 are generally very positive, but some claim the bass is somewhat light and thin. All comments appreciated. Thanks
If your system has a tendency to be light or thin in the bass, then it may not be a good match. Will this friend let you try the player before committing to the purchase?
Unfortunately, he lives about 2000 miles away. Tls49, you must have knowledge of the Arcam, but it looks like I will keep looking because thin bass is not for me.

There is Shandling 200T CD for sale on AG. It is a very attractive player and received very good reviews. However, one or two reviews claimed that the player goes into pause mode with CD's whose tracks either merge into each other or are spaced too closely.

If you know anything about this player or heard it, I will appreciate your comments.
Sunnyjim -

those Arcam FMJ were excellent cd players, reference quality.
Paired best w/ an Arcam receiver or processor and one will get pure musical joy. There are better power amps, I would not buy an Arcam.
Sunnyjim, I do not have personal knowledge of the Arcam, and I'm sure it is an excellent player, however, as we all know, the bottom line is system synergy. If you found reviews that said the bass was lean, it could be just that, or an overall balance that is tilted up, or that the player tends to emphasize the treble. In a system with heavy bass and a soft top end, the player would seem to help achieve a better balance. I merely said, if your system has a tendency to be light or thin in the bass, then it may not be a good match. So, I must ask, how would you describe the sound of your system? What is good, and what needs improvement?
Tls49, I may have taken more from your comment than what was stated. I thought you may have read or heard the same comments about the "thin bass". However, I agree completely with you about system synergy; however, used sales on AG are usually final with no returns. And, I don't want to take the chance on experimenting with a player that may work poorly in my system.

My system is somewhat tipped up on the highend, but not particularly distracting to the enjoyment of the music. Otherwise, it very neutral that is, on the analytical side. Overall, I generally prefer a neutral sound over a warmer, more forgiving presentation that loses detail and clarity in the process.

If I bought the Arcam and did not like it, I would have to then resell it in a depressed market and also have to sell the Rega Apollo no matter what player I finally settle on. Based on a few reviews, the Shandling may be a better bet because it is tubed player, and the major flaw of my system is too much glare from CD's and loss of some clarity on complex music

The Apollo, even at its original retail of $1195 is a great player, but not the last word in high end extension, clarity and resolution.

The "glare" factor could be the consequence of other components or cable synergy. Unfortunately, I am getting too old to again get on the component merry-go-round of finding the right match. The system sounds very good as it stands but I have concluded the weakness in its sound reproduction chain is the CD player. The system, it seems, needs a more compatible and superior link in the chain. Thanks for your comments and advice.
Sunnyjim -

A Rega Saturn would be the closest competition for an Arcam FMJ36.