Was wondering if any has test driven the Arcam CD72 or the ROTEL 1072 CD player. I am undecided of which of the two to choose from. The nearest hi-end audio store is approx 2.5 hours away. Nothing near by. I have read and heard good amongst the two types. Whatever anyone could provide I really appreciate it. Thanks
I auditioned both side-by-side at my dealer. My preference was the Rotel - more laid back in a way - not shrill. Plus the Arcam had some skipping issues and was a bit 'noisier'.
I owned the 1072 and preferred the Rega Planet, another contenda for your short list.
Currently I'm using an older LUXMAN DZ92 and have read several reviews comparing the Arcam CD72 and the Rotel RCD1072. The reviews are very close to comparison and very similar in pricing. I also just discovered the Arcam CD72 has phased out and newer model Arcam CD73.

The LUXMAN is approxmately 10+ yrs and technology has changed since. However, it still has a nice sound but I am having mix emotions about upgrade. I do want the warm sound and thus far Arcam CD72 or CD73 reviews state that.

Any sugguestions helping to choose the better CD player or is the Luxman sufficient. Then end state is I enjoy the warm feeling sound when listening to music.

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Mission v63 Volare Front
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Mission d77 Back Bipole
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I am looking up reviews on the Rega Planet 2000, I guess I'm customed to the front load vice top load. What type of sound is the Rega Planet. As I have stated I'm looking for a warm sounding effect. I have been told that the Rotel is very bright in the vocals very detail, the Arcam is very warm sounding to instrumental detail. Whats your opinion on the Rega Planet. It makes it very difficult to chose without listening to different classes of CD players. I made my mistakes by purchasing speakers in the past without listening. Thou they are decent but was disappointed that the vendor has changed their style when making the speaker.

Thanks Al
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I would have to say that Denon's 3910 focus was video. It does an awesome job with the video, as far as a CD player I don't think there was such emphasis put into the audio portion of it. I does sound boxey if you know what I mean. When it comes to audio, the Denon 3910 isn't warm sounds blah!! No offense thou the 3910 is a great piece of material just think its primary soul was the video. Maybe the 5910 series is a better product for multi-function player.

Al, the Rega has what is described as an "analog" sound, full bass, a bit laid back in the mids and crisp in the treble. Do a search on Audiogon and Audioasylum and you will find many posts about the sound quality. Here is one example, I must say that, like Bob, I am quite surprised that the 3910 is not giving you a really good sound on redbook CD replay, when I heard it, not under controlled conditions, I thought that it sounded quite nice.
Any other recommendations between the Rotel vs. Arcam or Rega Planet?
Thanks in advance.
I can't compare the Rotel vs. the Arcam, as I've never heard the Arcam. But I own the Rotel and I wanted to upgrade my front end. I picked up a Bel Canto Dac2. I performed side by side comparisons between the two units. The Dac2 is twice as expensive as the Rotel was new. Using the Rotel as the transport for the DAC2 and also as a stand alone CDP, the Rotel holds it's own quite nicely against the Dac2, an Audiogon favortite. Only very subtle differences were noted. The Dac2 was nicer but so slightly so that I sold it and saved the 750 bucks I paid for it used. The Rotel is fairly accurate and only falls down when playing highly compressed modern music (rock, pop, etc).
Very difficult decission without listening to either of CD players. Disadvantage from living out of no-where but I guess I will have to make a day trip and drive out to listen to a few choices. Between the feedbacks and what my mind is telling me thus far is on the Rotel. But until then it is difficult to make the choice but keep on asking for more feedback. Thank you for all your patients..
I had the ROTEL 1072 side by side with the ARCAM cd192 in my system for a while. ROTEL 1072 is a sweet machine. ARCAM cd 73 and 192 trays fail repeatedly they get stuck closed etc. ROTEL 1072 has a sweeter sound in my opinion. On well recorded HDCD's wow. ARCAM has some sort of amplification trickery in them as well as 24x192 upsampling that cause chips to run hot. ARCAM build quality was shoddy and the off the shelf prices high. I take my hat off to ARCAM for building a great sweet sounding integrated amp the A65. But those cd players meh..
Go with the Rotel. It is reliable and excellent sounding. Can't be beat for the money..
I've had my Rotel RCD-1072 for about five years now, and it is truly a wonderful deck. It allows music to sound like music, and I never need to worry about anything other than enjoying my favorite tunes.