Arcam vs. Rega

Has anybody compared the current Arcam vs Rega CD players: CD72 vs. Planet 2000; CD92 vs. Jupiter? I currently have CD72 into Musical Fidelity pre, BK ex442, B&W cdm7nt. Am not married to any of the components, although I've compared my pre to lots of others in my system and it always wins regardless of price. Before I start fiddling with the rest of the system, I want to settle on the source, and am willing to upgrade from the cd72 if it helps. It's easy for me to compare within the two product lines, but difficult to compare between the brands. As for listening preference, I mostly want to avoid harshness. Your impressions would be welcome. Thanks!
I just sold my Rega Planet 2000 and bought the Arcam FMJ CD-23. What a great player for the money and close to the very best in my opinion for a list price of $2,200.00. A musical player that has made me very happy and definitely outclasses the Rega Planet or Jupiter. Check out a Sonic Frontiers pre, which allows the fun of using different tubes to achieve your desired sonic goal.
i disagree completely with the above. i certainly prefer the jupiter 2k to the arcam, and feel that the planet 2k is superior, as well. i'd be sure to listen before making any choices, though. it all comes down to preference.
Thanks for the posts. Gallusm, did you compare FMJ to CD92? I could have my CD72 upgraded to CD92 and save some $$. Lazarus, thanks too for your note. I do plan to do some Rega-Arcam comparison this week.

I was able to compare CD72 to CD92 in one showroom, and Planet to Jupiter in another. With Arcam, the CD92 was clearly better than CD72. With Rega, the Jupiter was different, and I think it was better than Planet but not so sure--it seemed brighter in a not altogether better way. Although, I did not have as much time so impression is not as reliable. Certainly, Jupiter was punchier than Planet. The Planet/Jupiter system sounded very good all around.