Arcam vs NAD, Should I just get something else?

So here's my setup. Arcam Rdac to Nordost Heimdall RCAs to either the Arcam a28 or my old Nad 7240PE. Nordost red dawn II speaker wire biwired to B&W cm8s.

So for fun I plugged in my old NAD 7240PE and am surprised. The arcam produces some highs that bother my ears even at lower volumes, the NAD does not. The NAD doesn't have much excitement on harder rock songs, but sounds great on mellower stuff. Most noticeable was the better imaging on the NAD.

I'm open to suggestions. I am ok selling the arcam and getting something new (i use the nad in my bedroom setup). If that's the case I can spend about $2,000
These would be my top choices.

Roksan K2 ($1925)
Did not hear this one but I read all the reviews and almost bought it. Won many awards and great reviews in the English magazines and also in Stereophile. Warm and big sounding. 125watts. Type in TechRadar Roksan K2. You will find a review there.

Exposure 2010S2 ($1500)
I heard this hooked up to Dynaudio X16's. I was very impressed with it! Compared it to the Simaudio Moon I-1 at the store and the Exposure was much better. More musical. Only potential distraction was a hint of brightness but less bright than the Moon was in the upper midrange.

Marantz PM8004 ($1000)
I owned an Arcam A70. Perhaps close in sound to your A28. I just bought a Marantz PM8004 and I am really happy with it. The sound is smooth and clear and easy to listen to. It's soundstage is very good for the price. The bass maybe a little less than NAD but I find the Marantz more musical over all than NAD is. The Marantz is quite a bit better than my Arcam A70 was. I bought a Rega Brio-R to replace the Arcam with. Very good and better in many ways than the Arcam BUT it was way too bright in the lower treble and upper midrange so I sold that too. I have owned about 25 integrated amps in my life and this Marantz surprised me. It goes into my top 5 regardless of price. The build quality is amazing. 28 pounds. I just can't believe you can get this much quality for only a thousand bucks. This would be my first choice for you. You can buy it from Crutchfield and they give you a 60 day try out to see how you like it. I would start there and possibly save yourself $1000. Made in Japan too which I like. Should drive your B&W CM8's just fine. Hope this helps. Cheers.
On a similar note, would there be thoughts on an Arcam such as an Alpha 9 (75WPC and late 90's I believe) vs. an older Marantz 2245 integrated. I have a 2245 and love the bottom end and warmth (and yes the looks). But as always I am curious on other used alternatives. I would want to stay in the the $300 - $400 range. I recently got a used Arcam CD73 (around 270 used if memory serves) which replaced a Marantz CD63se (which I sometimes ran with an old Dac In The Box). The CD73 has been a revelation and no DAC needed! This and some kind words from one audiophile friend on Arcam have led me to consider a used Arcam integrated. Opinions?