Arcam VS NAD

Category: Amplifiers

I am looking to up grade from a marantz SR9600.I have Totem model 1 signitures and links rears 7.1.I am torn between Arcam avr700pre & amp or the NAD m15 & m25 I am mostly looking for home theater and some music any comments ?
I say Arcam!
Did you ever decide which way to go? I'd be curious on how it weighs out. You could throw in the new NHT pre pro and amp into the mix.
Ive heard the Sr9600 and understand its an excelent unit.Moving from the Marantz to either unit, Arcam or nad is a sideways move.Your sistem might sound better in some ways but not in all.At this level of performance for all in one units,(recievers)in order to get better performance in basically all aspects of sound reproduction that matter you would have to go with separates.This would be I understand the better way to go.But if you still want to go changing your reciever for something different I would go with the Arcam unit.Not that the Arcam is better then the Nad,Its a matter of taste.Nad always having a big and slightly warm sound and Arcam Less warm ,sweet and extended in the high end.For my preferences, the Arcam would be my choice,But if truly you want better sound.Go with seperates.And please be careful on your choice.Going with seperates doesnt necesarily mean better sound...!Quite confusing , isnt it??!!
In this price range, what are your recommendations for separates?