Arcam VS NAD

Category: Amplifiers

I am looking to up grade from a marantz SR9600.I have Totem model 1 signitures and links rears 7.1.I am torn between Arcam avr700pre & amp or the NAD m15 & m25 I am mostly looking for home theater and some music any comments ?
When you start to listen to Arcam, you will easily become a fan. I guess there are specs and there are specifications. Why are there so many refurbished NAD units? Arcam - you are lucky to see used. Marantz and Arcam are better built units than NAD not to say that any of these are bad brands. You will appreciate ARCAM as time continues and not only out of the box and there watts output is truely continuous.
Yeah, Arcam's build quality is definitely better. They thing is, if you're trying to decide between NAD and ARCAM it should be an easy choice. If you like a hyper-detailed sound go Arcam. If you want something kind of warm, not especially defined, overall sounds decent get the NAD. It's just a matter of taste. IMO these two brands basically represent the extremes while still being good at what they do.