If one were to purchse a new amp between the earthquake cinenova grande 5, ati 2505 or 3505,& arcam p7 or ap1000.
What would come out as the best audiophile amp?
I don't need 300 watts per channel but......... who knows later down the road.
No one can answer that question. Assuming that none of the amps could be identified in a blind ABX comparison, then I'd consider watts/dollar, circuit topology, build quality and warranty.

I think either the AT2005 or AT3005 using that criteria a good value.
I have owned a ATI 2007 for a little over a year. Nebie at the time of purchase, but did my homework. Go to the web site and read on construction. Very pleased with this amp. Comes with 7 year warranty if purchased from authorized dealer.