Arcam vs. Audiocontrol vs. Lexicon, how similar are they?

I am sorry if this has been discussed previously, but I could not find a thread that addressed my question.
I am in the market for a new AVR. Current AVR is Arcam 750. Having auditioned class AB in less expensive Arcam models, I like the "class G" sound in the 750  best.

While researching New AVR, I see that the class G units (class H for Audiocontrol) for all three of these products share the same back panel layout. From what I could find on the web, photos of internal components on Arcam and Lexicon reveal a remarkable similarity. Unfortunately I could not find photos inside the box for Audiocontrol. Lexicon uses a Cirrus DAC while Arcam and AudioContol use ESS9026 pro DAC. Arcam appears use different speaker binding posts.

I would prefer to buy a product hand assemble in U.S. (I understand that it is almost impossible to produce all components in the U.S.). I spoke with a technician at AudioControl who told me that internals where hand sourced and assembled, then gave me some vague non- information on how their product was different than Arcam or Lexicon.

I would appreciate feedback. Thank you.