Arcam VRS Rega

interested to hear thoughts on Arcam FMJ-CD-23 Vrs Rega Jupiter 2000
Never heard the Rega but I have the Arcam (listening to it as I type)and I like it. Not warm, not cold, nice soundstage, accurate. It is a nice improvement over my old Audio Alchemy rig in most areas. Bad disks sound bad good disks sound great. Solidly built. If I were considering Rega, I would try to audition the new Apollo, which is supposed to be an improvemnet over the Jupiter. A used Arcam fmj cd 23 and the new rega are in the same price range.
Owned both, both are good. CD23 had a nice balance, good detail, and stage- to sum up organic and musical...good ambience. It began to skip intermittantly after 5 years use. It was stolen shortly after. Replaced with Jupiter 2000 which has better dynamics and really nice timbre of instruments. More "analog" sound. Sounstage not as open. I think both are better than Arcam CD33. I compare the cd33 and jupiter 2000 on If you play mainly classic jazz, the jupiter is the one to get. On certain discs the Jupiter gives a fair amount of transport noise (not suprising since it is external mount). Other than that it has been enjoyable, reliable and easy to use.