Arcam/Vandersteen Pairing

Does anyone have experience with Arcam equipment with Vandersteen speakers? I am looking at 1C's and maybe 2CE signatures to pair with an Arcam Alpha 9 and 10P. My father has the 2CE sigs with Rotel equipment and they sound great but I have not heard them with the Arcam components. I am living across the country from him and have not had the chance to hook up my equipment to the speakers so any feedback would be much appreciated. Thanks.

Hi Andrew............
I have spent many wonderful years of listening pleasure with my Vandersteen 1C's powered by an old Arcam Delta 90 integrated amplifier (connected with Audioquest Type 6+ cables), a Marantz CD-63SE player, and an NAD 533 turntable (w/Goldring Elektra cartridge). The synergy between all these components has always been FANTASTIC, and the Arcam amp has always allowed the Vandersteens to sound incredibly well balanced and extremely "musical." The combination has been absolutel lovely, and I strongly recommend Arcam amplification for Vandersteen speakers.

I have recently completed a system overhaul, as I wanted to experience the pleasure of tube amplification for the Vandersteens. I have kept the 1C's and the AQ Type 6+ cables, and now drive them with a Rogue Audio Cronus integrated amplifier (EL-34 tubes) and a Rotel RCD-1072 player, tied together with Audioquest King Cobra interconnects. My analog front end is still the same. Well, my friend, all I can say is WOW !!! As much as I always loved the Vandy--Arcam--Marantz set-up, the Cronus and Rotel have brought the Vandersteens up to a new level of musical enjoyment. From Mozart and Bach to Brubeck and Basie to The Grateful Dead and Led Zep to Ella and Patricia Barber to Miles and Colrane.... all my music now sounds better than ever.

So, I think you'll love the Vandys with the Arcam, but do yourself a favor and try matching them with tubes when you have the opportunity. HAPPY LISTENING !!!