Arcam to Proceed remote trigger

I have a Procced HPA-3 and and AMP-2 and can't get the 12v trigger from an Arcam AV-8 to work properly. The Arcam will turn on the Procceds but not turn them off.
Anyone have a suggestion?
Did you ever figure this out?

This is NORMAL with the AMP2 and AMP3. There was an article online and I'll send it to you if I can refind it. It has something to do with the triggering mechanism and another pulse is needed. There's an adapter that will do this with a standard 12v trigger.

I use the trigger with my AMP3s and what I do with my Anthem AVM20 is that I've set zone 3 (which I'm not using) to power the amps on and off. I have to turn on zone three TWICE to turn it off, but that's the way the trigger is.

There's nothing wrong with your Proceed or with your Arcamm.
Here's the answer about the pulse and the converter.

You need a pulsed switching module and the Xantech 599-00 pulsed switching module apparently does the trick.