Arcam SR250 vs Emotiva XPA 2 (gen 3)

Looking for advice/opinions regarding my current options on amplification. My main (only) living room system pulls double duty for TV/movies and music listening. Over the past few years my focus has slowly shifted from home theater towards two channel listening. After the last speaker upgrade I am now down to a 2.1 system consisting of a pair of Revel F208 towers and a single SVS SB4000 subwoofer. I have been using an older Marantz SR6006 AVR along with an Emotiva XPA 2 (gen 3) to run the Revel towers.

I have just recently purchased an Arcam SR250 to replace the Marantz (so recently I am still waiting on delivery). I initially planned on using the more powerful Emotiva amp to run my Revel Towers but all the positives I have read about the amplification of the Arcam has me wondering if I would be better off using the internal amp on the new Arcam unit. Its wattage is spec'd lower but it runs something like the first 20 watts in class A and the class G circuitry seems to be highly regarded.

I will obviously do some A/B listening tests between the two units once the Arcam arrives but I am curious to see what those with more knowledge than myself think. The long term goal would to sell the Emotiva and purchase a higher end two channel amp or mono blocks (maybe) at some point. 

Thanks in advance.

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Thank you both for the info. Maybe I will be selling the Emotiva sooner than I had initially anticipated.