Arcam SR250 vs Emotiva XPA 2 (gen 3)

Looking for advice/opinions regarding my current options on amplification. My main (only) living room system pulls double duty for TV/movies and music listening. Over the past few years my focus has slowly shifted from home theater towards two channel listening. After the last speaker upgrade I am now down to a 2.1 system consisting of a pair of Revel F208 towers and a single SVS SB4000 subwoofer. I have been using an older Marantz SR6006 AVR along with an Emotiva XPA 2 (gen 3) to run the Revel towers.

I have just recently purchased an Arcam SR250 to replace the Marantz (so recently I am still waiting on delivery). I initially planned on using the more powerful Emotiva amp to run my Revel Towers but all the positives I have read about the amplification of the Arcam has me wondering if I would be better off using the internal amp on the new Arcam unit. Its wattage is spec'd lower but it runs something like the first 20 watts in class A and the class G circuitry seems to be highly regarded.

I will obviously do some A/B listening tests between the two units once the Arcam arrives but I am curious to see what those with more knowledge than myself think. The long term goal would to sell the Emotiva and purchase a higher end two channel amp or mono blocks (maybe) at some point. 

Thanks in advance.
I haven't heard Emotiva amps, but I am an anti-fan of their HT electronics.

The Arcam amps are wonderful, and have a sweetness and quiet that to my ears rivals Ayre.
The Emotiva Gen 3 uses a switching power supply that does not have a whole lot of capacitance.  The power supply has 4 x 6800uf caps, but it's a dual rail power supply, so you are really only going to be using 2 x 6800uf (the idea is that the switching power supply recharges the caps so fast that you don't need big ones).  It works somewhat, but this amp has bass that isn't that strong or thick.  Bass seems thin and hollow sounding.  The amp does have fast response in the high frequencies, but limited because of the lower cost components.

The Arcam is going to sound a lot smoother and refined, but it has that Class A type of sound where it is very smoothed over - almost to the point of sounding just a tiny bit artificial (like many other high bias Class A amps).  It's a personal preference.  The Arcam will likely have much better bass because of the linear power supply.

The Emotiva will likely have a more neutral sound with better high frequency detail and response, but it comes with other compromises.
Thank you both for the info. Maybe I will be selling the Emotiva sooner than I had initially anticipated.