Arcam SOlo vs. Linn CLassik......

WHich one is the front runner between these 2 one box solutions?
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I have heard both(planning a purchase for my daughter) I have only auditioned them separately, not a true AB comparison, but to me, there is no contest, the Solo gives a clearly superior sound, detailed, but not grainy, good CD player and tuner. The reviewers agree, not that that is always helpful, HiFi plus made the Solo a product of the year
I owned both at different times so did not compare head to head but based on memory I like the sound of the Arcam and I think it is a better built and looking product.
The linn was nice just not as nice IMO.
solo all the way ive compred them both and there is no comparison for sound and features
I tried them a/b side by side listening to some Jennifer Warnes for about an hour. I found the solo pushed voices too far forward. At certain times Jennifers voice seemed to smack me in the head and made me wince. Voices were better placed and smoother on the i bought the Linn and paired it with some Totem rainmakers. I couldn't be happier. I find the Linn more exotic looking (in white) paired with maple totems.