Arcam Solo Mini review

The new Solo Mini is somewhat a lifestyle product from Arcam, but is no fluff plastic radio gimmick. I've lived with one for a few months now and must say it is quite respectable for what it is. Very easy to use with a remote that is fairly clear. Quite versatile with enough imputs for about anybody. This is a travel system for now set up in an 800 square foot apartment living room.

Mine is set up with Dynaudio 42s set on massed 29" stands using Tara Labs Dimension cables. The speaker terminals are retarded in that the only way to use them effectively is with banana plugs. Don't even try to use heavier bare wire and try to push it in. Lugs are completely out.

The Mini gets the vocals and acoustic piano mostly right with some sound stage fill. Front to back is okay. The 25 wpc seem adequate to drive the Dynaudios to fairly loud levels.

Nice product for the money. Enjoy.
Good stuff. These all in one products are great for what one company calls "the discriminating non-enthusiast", i.e. someone who wants better quality than mass market, and will pay a bit more for that quality. However, they are not into the equipment side of audiophilia, constant upgrades, etc. They may also have space limitations or budgetary constraints. I think it's a solid market niche that would include younger people starting their careers who have a lot of other things they need to buy, or a way to attract people who are notoriously hard to sell high-end equipment to, i.e. women.
I agree the solo is nice. I went for a Music Hall trio instead. I spent the cost difference on having the Trio modded by partsconnexion. Honestly, this will now keep up with my tube separates!