Arcam region-free DVD players?


Does anyone know which of Arcam's DVD players are region free? I own a DV 79 and think the video quality is amazing. I really need a region free player but can't tell from the website which are correct. Also, I've read that the fmj 29 isn't as good as its predecessor. Does anyone else have that opinion? Thanks, R
Not many if any manufacturers offer region-free players. Most that did got into trouble for doing so. There are companies that offer the modification of such units and software that will make some so. It is more important that the player will convert from PAL to NTSC of vice versa depending on your location.
My Linn Classic DVD is region free
You can set your Arcam to Region Free using the following procedure:

1. Open tray
2. Key 1111 on remote
3. Key region (1-13, 13=region free)

I did this with my DV79 when I owned one, and it worked great.