Arcam receiver vs. Outlaw separates

i am currently using paradigm studio 20's for front L&R w/ matching cc-470 (surrounds are of a different brand but will soon match w/ adp-470's) and a HSU subwoofer and am trying to decide what to do about powering and processing (old HK receiver is getting replaced secondary to a hum/hiss problem). I listen to music about 70% and movies/TV 30%.

1) I had been heavily thinking about an Arcam AVR300 (factory refurb for about $1600 w/ warranty) but recently have been alerted to Outlaw audio's separates and am wondering which would be better choice. The separates I was looking at ranged in various combos of the 970 or 990 Pre/Pros with the 7125 or 7075 Amps. Costs tend to run from $1300 to $1900 (all dollars american).
2) if i go w/ the outlaw separates, is the 75 watt 7075 enough to power this setup or would i require/be better off w/ the 125 W of the 7125?

Thanks in advance for the help.
I have the Outlaw M200 amps Dynaudio Audience 70s. I found the Arcam was quite different with those speakers. You will need to audition if you can. My description: Arcam is a bit softer and forgiving, maybe a "British" sound, if there is such a thing. The Outlaws are fairly typical solid state which are detailed and analyitical, but unforgiving of older Cds and bright speakers. I choose the outlaw for my Dyns but cannot speak to the Paradigms. I like the flexibility and upgrade path of separates. Both are quality builds. Good luck!
I used to have the same speaker sets. First I tried a NAD T753 with Bryston AMP. Its lack of dynamics, transparency, and details drove me to the camp of outlaw 990. Turned out it was just the opposite of the NAD: Detailed, analytical, harsh, and fatiguing. Then came the Arcam AVR350. By far the best, but a tad bright. Now I have a Arcam AV8. Best of both world: detailed and smooth. My search for a pre/pro is over at this price arrange, at least for a while.
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I now use an Onkyo 805 for processing and it uses Audyssey room correction. What a bargain! I use outboard amps instead of the Onkyo ones built in.