Arcam or Unison Unico

My trusty Van Alstine modded Magnavox is dying after 15 years. Time for a new one. Both the Arcam and Unison Unico brands were recommended to me. Since I live in a Vast Wasteland, I must go on recommendations because there are no high end shops nearby. I'm looking for lots of PRAT and bulletproof construction. Any opinions?
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i think i would stick with another van alstine.
Unfortunately VA doesn't have a CD player, just a DAC. I convinced VA to do a CD for me after talking to Frank. He mentioned a particular model Magnavox that he used to modify but were no longer available. I contacted them and found out that they had about five on a shelf and Frank bought them, I got a VA modded one as part of the deal, since I found them. Best audio buy I've ever made. But now it's a situation where I have to find a replacement...
Get a rock solid Naim CD5i and get ready for another 15 yrs. of listening.
Arcam has always made great cd players,not just good but grea
Arcam has always been a good to really good product line.
I've been in love with them since owning a Rosewood Cabinet, slim line A-60 integrated-- which inside was signed by those who perfomed various stages of the finish work...i.e. Mark 5/18/78--as it stated inside one area of mine.
One only had to look at the loving care and craftsmanship to know what the product was going to sound like.
The A-60 was the first electronics that I owned that actually offered 'soundstaging'.
I remember listening to Angelique, a Kenny Loggins 'live' cut...and it was almost hallucenogenic...I wasn't prepared for what I heard. That Amp with IMF loudspeakers gave me enjoyment that in some ways hasn't been topped.
Give the Arcam a's on the British side of neutral, not a bad thing...honestly made and generally really good values.

Good listening,

here is how i would evaluate the question.

the arcam is solid state. the unison is a tubed unit.

thus, there is a greater possibility that tube rolling will provide a presentation that you like than taking a chance with a cd player whose sound will not change unless parts are replaced.