Arcam or Rega Integrated Amp.

Depending on how my budget goes, I am having a hard time deciding between the following choices: Arcam A65 integrated or a Rega Brio. Or between an Arcam A75 or a Rega Mira integrated amp. For speakers, I am using B&W DM 601 bookshelfs on stands. My turntable is a new Rega P2, with an upgraded glass platter and a super bias cartridge.
I used to have both the Rega Mira 2000 and Arcam A75. The Rega is warmer in sound but it is less detailed and a bit slow while the Arcam is more on the neutral side with more dynamics and lively. It is also a little bit more powerful even though it's only rated 50 watts.
I don't know what your budget is, but there are some outstanding deals to be had on used Arcam integrateds here on audiogon. I would definitely jump at some of those that are being offered.

If you are into solid state and you have a few more bucks, then a used Plinius integrated will have you smiling.
These are all good choices. Ultimately, it will depend on the voicing of the system. What sounds right to you. Acoustic piano and female vocals are my true test of the voicing. Best of luck.
I own the Arcam A65 plus and the best way to describe it is punchy, with a lot of bass. I like it but it is on the warm side only not as warm as the Rega. A solid pick up.
I have the Arcam "Diva A85" and have been VERY pleased. I find the A85 to be fast, clean and with plenty of base even with small monitor speakers. See the Arcam web site for all the great reviews.

One caveat-the older style remote REALLY sucks! Terrible design and lay out-no back light. The newer remote is some what better. At least it isn't a foot long!

Good listening!