arcam or creek for aegis ones

I am having a hard time deciding between the creek 4330mk2 and Arcam Alpha 7R for my aegis ones. Will buy mail-order.
Any comments? Thanks. Rodrigo
I remember listening to the Aegis Ones through an Arcam 7R and 7SE CD player at the importer (Audiophile Systems) while I was having some work done on my LP-12 and it sounded GOOOOOD, even in the next room.
I do own a pair of Aegis Ones and drive them with a Kora Mercury integrated. The sound is fantastic. I have owned a Creek 4330 and thought it was good for the money but could be a little harsh on the top end unless mated with speakers that were a little dark. My advice to you would be to try something like a Jolida 302 or 502, which is in the same price range as the Creek, or if you can afford it the Kora, and enjoy real music through tubes. I picked up my Kora for under $1000 on AudiogoN and I have seen Jolida's for around $400 to $500. Good luck.
The 302B would be my pick of the two Jolida amps as it uses EL34 tubes and sounds sweeter. The "B" models also have improved pots over the earlier models.
I have used the Aegis ones with an Arcam Alpha 10 and 7SE CD played. There was no harshness at all. If anything it was a bit too laid back. The 7r should be a good match. It was a very good system, but I recently went to dynaudios. I big improvement.