arcam nad kef combo

I have a chance to buy a combo featuring arcam alpha 7SE player, NAD c320 amp and KEF Q3 speakers with Kimber interconects and speaker cables. Is it good combo or what. What is the weakest componet and what should be replaced first?
Sounds like a great combination to me. I'm not sure that there's an obvious weak link. Just depends on the price.
The NAD 320BEE is compatible with a lot of different equipment and should do a good job with the KEF's. Its 50 wpc plays louder than you might expect.
Kefs are great speakers. They have some wicked imaging

i think you will have alot of fun with that setup

Those KEFs are considered full range, heck, even thier KEF Q1's hit the 45hz level, but you will probably want a subwoofer.

My Definitive Technologys ProSub-200 worked great with my KEF Q1s, and at $550.00 its not a wallet buster either.