Arcam irDAC-II. Have you heard the news?

Arcam has developed an new "r" series DAC. The new irDAC-II. My guy in Cincinnati tells me Arcam will be taking orders soon. It will include the ESS ES9016 Sabre DAC, Bluetooth, 24 bit / 192 kHz even 383 kHz. DSD and a headphone amp. The unit will cost around $799.00 usd. 

I've heard all of the incarnations of the "r" series DAC's and I'm looking forward to hearing this one too! Anyone else?


It will include the ESS ES9016 Sabre DAC
ach, the wrong kind of DAC IC (delta-sigma DAC) as far as I'm concerned. Not interested, thank you! 

nutty, if you have a chance would you give me your opinion of a comparison between the rDac and the irDAC. I'm currently using the rDAC and thinking about grabbing an irDAC before stock runs out.



I first hooked the rDAC to my Rotel RCD991AE cd player via the coax ouput. It really improved the sound immediately. I remember the Wolfson 8741 DAC being warmer. The irDAC with the Burr Brown 1796 DAC has more detail.

Connectivity is better.
2 coax inputs (instead of 1)
2 optical inputs ( instead of 1)
Still incorporates the USB 
They added a coax output and a remote.

Im currently borrowing a Arcam CD93T from a friend. It has 24/192kHz upsampling and 4 Woflson 8741 DAC's per channel. It is smooth. Hope it helps. 

Thanks, nutty. Good info. I enjoy the rDAC very much. I'll have to try to get a listen to the irDAC to see if it would be worth making a move.