Arcam irDAC break in time and sound changes?

I recently purchased an Arcam irDAC. What sort of break in time is expected? What sound changes occur along the way?

Right now I'm using it as a front end to my AppleTV via optical which streams content from my Mac Mini and ITunes, but I might use it as a DAC for my CD player after it breaks in. Seems to be really nice build quality and well received on many reviews I've read, but I'm not sure what to expect yet on how long this break in process takes or any sound changes I might see along the way. It did open up a little bit after the first 8 hours of use, but I guess I have a ways to go...

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My experience with the rDac, predecessor to the irDac, was the sound opened up and sounded pleasant but a bit wooly, dark and closed in for the first 25 hours. From 25-50 hours the sound at times went south with leanness and was bright. By the 75 hour mark it opened up quite a bit, tonality evened out nicely with a smoother sound.

I've had the rdac now for about 4 months. For me it took at least 100 hours to hear how good it was and there was improvement as it hit the 200 hour mark.
Decooney, I gather from your posts you are turning the irDac off when not listening to it. If so you might want to try leaving it on for 24-48 hours and see if you like what you hear. I leave my rDac on 24/7. I also leave my amp on most of the time.

When I do shut my system down it takes quite awhile to sounds its best so I leave it on as much as possible.
Hello, Decooney. That's great! I'm glad the irDac is sounding good. I hope I get a chance to hear the irDac myself soon.

Yes, I wouldn't leave the tube amps on all the time either. When I had tubes I would only have them on when I would be listening.

Enjoy your new system!