Arcam FMJ23/DIVA 92 How much better?

How much improvement should one expect if going from the Arcam Diva92 to the FMJ23? Thanks.
I had the CD92 and it's now on Ebay. I went with a Rega Jupiter instead. More to the point, I've heard from many that the CD23 is much better than the CD92. People speak highly of it. The CD72 seems to be the best value and the CD23 the best performer. The CD92 is, in my opinion, the lesser value because you're paying a premium for the Ring DAC. The CD23 includes that plus better elements all around for not much more money. Judging from my Ebay auction, I think the CD23 will hold its value better. But still, the CD92 is a fine machine.

I heard the CD23 when I first got back into audio equipment some months ago after a 15 year hiatus. It was the first CDP I heard (I was demoing speakers at the time) and was very impressed by it.
I have owned both of these players in the past. Out of the two, the FMJ23 sounds better. The 92 always had a metallic sound in the upper mids and highs compared to the FMJ---the point is, it doesn't sound nearly as refined. Just a thought, pick up a used Meridian 508-20 or 508-24. It is a MUCH better sounding player than either of the above and can be had for about the same price on the used market.
Thanks for the info. Bigtee, I've looked at Meridians but it seems they are always priced at leat $1500-2000 used. My
limit is $1200-1300. I actually just sold an Arcam 92. That's why I was wondering how much improvement I might expect going to the FMJ23. Do you have any idea how an older unit like the EAD Ultradisc 2000 would compare to the newer Arcams?
Haven't tried that one. You can pick up a used Meridian 508-20 in the $1100-1200 price range. I will say again---it is much better than the Arcams and most any other player in this range.