Arcam FMJ P7 or Parasound Halo A51?

Just took delivery of an Arcam AV8...which is fantastic. Now I'm looking for a multi-channel amp to complement it. Tempting to go with another Arcam product, but I am very much intrigued by the Parasound. I also like that it has balanced inputs (not that I need them right now).

Any thoughts? I appreciate your consideration and time. The world of high-end multi-channel is a new one for me (but I've been well steeped in stereo playback for some years now).

Years and years of stereo experience never prepared my for multichannel with all thier insane variety of input options and lousy TV cable box interfaces ARGGHH!
I have the AV8 and P7 combo and LOVE it. One nice feature is the two separate toroids and windings in the P7. In stereo mode for music, the left and right sides are essentially monoblocks sharing one power cord.
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Wow whats up with all that heat sink. How many bi-polar devices are on each one I wonder. You can't see anything except the 2 toroids and heatsink.
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