Arcam FMJ P-35 3 Ch for HT ? Opinions please.

This is rated at 100W/Ch. I use Monitor Audio Silver 10i for center and Paradigm ADP-350 for rears. Can't find any info, anyone have experience with Arcam Amps ? Thanks.
Per Joe Hagman from Home Theater Magazine, B&K is great with Monitor Audio. You should try to get a good fit with the center since it's the most important. I think the ST-125.3 and the reference 200.3 are their current 3 channel amps. If you are trying to shop for an amp based on a recommended pdwer rating don't. The manufacturer uses the number to protect themselves in case they are blown up by a huge amp, so it's pretty arbitrary. In addition, most manufactures tend to underate their amps, that arcam is probably more like 120/130watts. I'm sure your speakers could handle 200-300 watts with ease.
Thanks for your reply. BK is one of my choice too. Someone
suggested Bryston 5B ST, if I can find one used. Do you know
anything about Bryston ?
I've read many good things about bryston though I have never actually listened to one. It's strengths tend towards bass and the only complaints I've read about are a slight forward nature. Assuming you are still using the MA 8i's and PS audio amp I would definitly go for a B&K since it's laid back nature won't clash with the smoothness of the HCA-2. Either that or trade your amp in on a Sunfire Cinema which also uses digital switching technology and will have a similar sound, while providing equal power to all 5 channels. An added plus is that there are always a few used here on A'gon at great prices.
Thanks very much.