Arcam FMJ DV27A - Best PC & IC & DC & Remote Control

I just purchased a demo DV27A from a dealer with warranty for $1500 and I couldn't be more thrilled! I never believed that the DIGITAL source(audio) makes a difference. But everybody tells me that it the most important component. I own a $150 Sony DVD right now. I guess I'm in for a big shock!!! My equipment goes as follows:

Arcam DV27A
Krell ShowCase Pre/Pro
Marsh a400 amp
Apogee Studio Grands

Now I want to get the best out of the Arcam, what power cords(<$1000) would work great, Shunyata?!

For analog outputs(why dosen't the Arcam have BALANCED outs?) which interconnect, Nordost,AP?! I'm giving Ridge Street Poiema!! cables a try.

What digital cable(<$500) HT,AP,AZ?! I have an Ensemble Digiflex and I2digital-X60 right now.

I also read that the Krell uses the same RF as the Arcam. What aftermarket remote works the best for the BOTH of them?!

Congratulations on your purchase. I have a DV-89, which except for some internal sound damping and a few other small things is almost identical. I use a Voodoo Audio Products "Silver Dragon" P/C and BEL-The Wire I/C's for digital and two-channel connections. I use Outlaw Audio PSC I/C's for DVD-Audio. They all work great with the Arcam. As far as remotes go, The one that came with my B&K works the Arcam just fine.
I am just writing in reference to rest of your system.Sounds like since you got the Arcam you are now on par with the rest of your stuff.The source is where it starts ,the begining is the begining how else can you look at it.
The Arcam is great!!
Checkout the BVaudio SR10 sound refiner. I've used it on a friends Arcam DV27 makes a big difference! I would put more money in this than in expensive cables. He didn't want to return it works that well. I won't mention the cables he uses but they aren't cheap! The Bvaudio really allowed both of use to hear what this player is capable of.

I would try this before experimenting with powercords. I think you would be shocked!

Good Luck!