Arcam fmj cd33

I've pretty much narrowed down my choices to this player, i've done a lot of research and read a lot of good reviews on the arcam, what do you guys think about this cd player? I've got some people telling me that you can't do better for the money... is this true?
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I have the Arcam 33 and really like it a lot. Very easy to listen to, musical, detailed. I would say it is a little on the warm side, not bright, yet does not seem to lack any detail. I have considered an upgrade to the Naim CD2X but have not been able to do it as I am very happy with the Arcam. I listen mostley to LP's with a Nottingham Spacedeck yet am very happy with the sound of the Arcam. Build quality is superb. There are used ones for sale pretty regularily. There is one on Audiogon from a dealer that comes with warranty. I have read the reviews and I think that they are pretty accurate.
I don't have enough exposure to the players in that price range to say that it is the best for the money.

You may want to consider an fmj CD23. I liked the 23 better than the 33. Although I didn't get to hear them side by side, it was in the same room, with the same speakers.

Curious if someone has heard the 33, or 36, and 23 side by side and what their opinion would be?

Jim S.
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I bought a cd23 used a year or so ago and I have been well pleased. Not one second of trouble. Can't remember where I saw it but at least one reviewer liked the cd23 better than the cd33. But I have not heard the cd33. The 23 is a little older technology and can be bought for less. I have been thinking of moving up but whenever I cost/benefit it in my mind I stay where I am. Even if I do move up I will probably relegate the cd23 to my second system and the Denon 2910 there now will be bumped to being a DVD player only.
Also consider the Cambridge Audio 840C. It offers true balanced operation, crystal clear sound and has a vanishingly low noise floor. Any "digital glare" noted will be coming from the source material with the 840C. The two additional digital inputs can offer similar results with DVD players and cable/satellite tuners. Good luck!
any major differences between the fmj cd23 and the 33?
Here are a couple of links for you:

The Stereophile article explains the differences. I could not find the review where the reviewer liked the 23 over the 33. I remember it was a woman though, not that that means anything...