Arcam FMJ 33 versus Ayre CX-7

Am familiar with the Arcam FMJ 33 but have not had the chance to hear or audition the Ayre CX-7. I am very impressed with the soundstaging and level of detail with the Arcam and would love to hear some feedback from those of you who have had the opportunity to hear both. Am running the Ayre K-3x pre-amp powered by the Threshold T-200...front speakers are the Aerial 10-T's.

Appreciate any and all comments.

The current issue of Stereophile has a very favorable review of the FMJ cd33, though the reviewer seems to prefer the sound of the Mach 1 DAC over the cd33.
Thanks Andy,

I went out and got the Sterophile issue today and the FMJ 33 did indeeed receive an extremely favorable review. What really drove my interest of the Ayre is that their pre-amp is outstanding and I thought the synergies between it and the CD player might squeeze out some additional improvements. It would certainly appear from the review that the two units are very close from a sound & performance standpoint.