Arcam FMJ 23 vs modded Oppo

I've got the upgrade bug. While I'm happy with the Arcam, it is getting on in years. Would a modded Oppo (from Exemplar) be a nice sonic upgrade over the Arcam and worth the expenditure?
Dunno which Oppo you mean, but I wouldn't make a move on one until you first go to EVS (Electronic Visionary Systems) and look at Ric Schultz's comparison page on his own mods for the 93/95 vs those of ModWright, the Upgrade Company and Exemplar. I know Ric and have dealt with him as a satisfied customer many times and I know him to be the real deal (no, I'm not affiliated with him). Regards.
You may need to google "oppo 93/95 mod comparison EVS".
I also own an Arcam FMJ CD23. I've owned a bunch of CD players over the yrs and I think The 23 to be one of those rare pieces of equipment; a keeper. It's one of the best redbook players ever made, period. Regardless what you wind up with, you should consider keeping the unit, they rarely show up for sale and you very possibly might suffer from seller's remorse! Besides, I'm hoping you'll follow up on this thread with a comparison between the Oppo and the Arcam. I own an older Oppo and there's no doubt they make good gear.
Local dealer claims an Exemplar modded Oppo will impress me. I just learned he has a used modded 95 coming into his store that I plan to audition. I'll have a comparison for you then. I agree that the Arcam is a nice player but I have the upgrade bug and no amount of meds will get rid of it.
I have to agree with Chazro. I have heard the cd23 and it is an absolutely awesome cdp!! In my systems, I have found it is hard to get much better sound out of a digital front end when you have something that is already good. The difference based on the money spent would be minimal. I understand that drugs don't stop the upgrade bug, been there :) Maybe a differnt amp or speakers? Have you considered an outboard DAC? The Arcam would make a fine transport..
Auditioning the Exemplar should tell me what I need to know. I was sharing with my local dealer how I was blown away by a Wadia 850 that I auditioned from his store a number of years ago. But financially it was just out of reach and I couldn't buy it. But it was stunning! He said the Exemplar modded 95 sounded better than the 850. And I trust his ears. So, I'm really anxious to hear it. If it doesn't blow me away, no harm , no foul; and I keep my Arcam.