Arcam FMJ 23/CD92 versus Resolution Audio CD50


I am seeking some advice regarding the purchase of a new CD player. I am considering both of the above players, which I can get used for about the same price. The Arcam stuff is newer is design, but would it be the equal or better of the Resolution Audio's older technology, but excellent execution? Should I have concerns about buying a 3 year old CD50? Are there are players I should be considering (around the ~1100-$1300) price range? What do people think of the Cal Audio equipment (CL-20, CL-25)?

Of course, my ears will ultimately decide, but Your thoughts and opinions would be appreciated as I try to make some decisions.
I heard the FMJ 23 at the Montreal audio show with Merlin VSMs, tube amps using Plitron transformers, and Gutwire cables and the sound was transcendent, especially while playing HDCD discs.
I don't know the CD50.
An option at about $1000 used is the EAD Ultradisc 2000, which I used to own but sold to downsize. It has HDCD and dual 20 bit dacs per channel, using a Pioneer stable platform transport. It is no longer made but can be found used (rarely). I can't imagine anyone being unhappy with the sound it produces. Relaxed, plenty detailed, great bass, and it just sounded right. Great build quality.
John Marks in his old column in TAS used the EAD and the CD-50, and if I remember correctly, found them to be comparable. Of course the D-50 has a variable output stage which is an advantage.
Happy hunting!
i had the ead ultradisc 2000 and the resaudio cd-50,my opinoin is that the cd-50 is far superior to the ead and probably than the arcam player too,it will be very hard to equal much less surpass the cd-50 unless you go to higher prices separetes,hope this helps,AL
The CD 50 is still the best one box player IMO
My brother in law has the Arcam
It is not even in the same league as the Resolution Audio
Especially when you run it direct to amp
Be sure to audition the new to the states AVM player,It is the unit Piega uses and recommends to show their equipment world wide.It will be displayed at CES in Jan.along with all the pre and power amps.German made and beautiful.
Anyone using an Arcam FMJ 17, 23 or CD73 spinner?
I'm still very happy with FMJ CD23.  I remember a review where the writer said we were in the waning days of CD (10 yrs ago!) and that the CD23 was a fantastic 'endgame' CD player. While I understood what he meant, I've never considered it my 'last' CD player, with the amount of CD's I own, I'll definitely buy another player when/if she bites the dust.
TY- chazro.

these FMJ spinners are tough to beat (no pun).