Arcam DV88 Picture Problems

I just bought a used Arcam DV88 dvd player through audiogon. The audio output is fine, but the video is not. The screen jumps around as if someone were fooling with the vertical-hold on an older tv. I've tried both the component and composite outputs. I've confirmed that the settings are all correct on the player and the tv works fine with my vcr and old dvd.
Has anyone encountered a problem like this with Arcam DVD players?
Thanks in advance,
You might want to call Arcam. They have been quite upfront about some of the problems they have experienced. There might be a firmware update that might help. Have the model # ready and describe the problem in detail. They seem to be very sincere in their efforts to help.
Make sure your TV type is set correctly in the Arcam. If the TV type is set to PAL in the Arcam and your TV is NTSC-only, you'll get the symptoms you describe.
As you asked for other experiences, I can tell you that my DV-88P has NEVER given me any problems at all in 2 years of use - picture or otherwise.

Perhaps the PAL/NTSC or even the DVD region setting is wrong?? Sounds like it would be worth contacting the distributor or Arcam themselves to ask.

Though I really like this player, mine is for sale because I have 3 other disc players 'in-stock' right now, including an Audiomeca Mephisto II.X, so something's gotta go ... if I ever get around to posting the ad.

In any case, I believe that a DV-88 is a smashing bargain at the price these players sell for used - a truly excellent dual-purpose DVD/CD player.