Arcam DV139 vs Oppo 95; any thoughts?

I have heard all the buzz surrounding the Oppo 95 (and soon 105). I want to believe the talk that it is so stellar on redbook CD. But still. . .

I currently have the Arcam DV79. I absolutely love the video quality. Arcam video is very film-like. It seems unique among players this way. CD playback is ok, but recently I've been using it as a transport to a Rega DAC. The sonics stay the same but the Rega makes it musical.

Now the 79 is starting to fail, so I want to replace it. Highest priority is 2-channel CD audio.

Has anyone done a direct comparison between the Arcam 139 and the Oppo? I'm hoping either will be of sufficient quality to allow me to sell the DAC (space issues). I've read some comments in other forums. The impression that I'm getting is that the Oppo has great technical prowess, while the Arcam sounds more like music. This is the essential condition for me. I'm not interested in sophistication if playback retains that digital edge.

Any insight would be much appreciated. Happy Thanksgiving, people!
I had the 139(had the transport replaced less than 6 months)
back then was fine as a player but mainly used for dvd's,I have the Oppo 83SE(as back up) and the 95)I really only use the 95 for movies soooo I don't think I can help.
I do use the Bryston BCD-1 for cds and its way above musically I find than the 139.
Today if or the 139 is for sale,I would go with the Oppo.
I have nadda problem with either and at least movie sound tracks sound great.
Hahaha,haven't even used the balanced outs on either the 83SE or 95 which are suppose to be superb for two channel.
To satisfied with the Bryston I guess. OPPO for me.
maybe you can do home audition.

maybe irrelevant,can't remember thecompany but they seemed to like the OPPO so much they used the same insides of the oppo83 I think or SE and put it in theirs and retail was over 3000 LOL
Yes, I have a FMJ 23 and had the Oppo BDP 83. Oppo is fuller and richer-sounding. Slighter higher resolution. I love my Arcam, but was highly impressed with the Oppo.
P.S. No, the Arcam does NOT surpass the Oppo in sounding "like music." The Oppo resembles the JVC XL-Z1010TN (which I have, along with the 1050 model), and they surpass nearly ANY CD player I've EVER had in sounding like music. And this is with Nordost Valhalla interconnects/speaker cable, First Sound Presence Deluxe, Convergent Ultimate and CJ Classic preamps, Usher BE-718, and Nola Reference speakers, Shunyata power cords (top level ones) and speaker cables.
Oh, the CD players that have passed thru my system - as a past reviewer for TAS, an editor at the late Fi magazine, and a writer for have been an Accuphase (forget the model number), Meridian 508.24 and Bryston BDA-1 DAC. The JVC is the MOST musical-sounding in the way music sounds at the Met, Carnegie Hall and the Palace in Stamford, CT. In other words, I hear live musical instruments often (opera and symphony) and the JVC surpasses any of the afore-mentioned CD players. I am NOT saying that something like, say, DCS wouldn't sound more musical, or a model by SimAudio or many others, but the difference between the JVC and Oppo and rest of them is noticeable and significant.
Either of my Esoteric DV50s, or my Ayre C-5xe will beat your JVC, and my dog can beat up your dog.
But will they play SACDs and DVD-As?
If anyone is still checking this; I don't think the question was ever answered, model-to-model. The reason I am asking is that I have an opportunity to buy the Arcam DV139 at a good price; but Oppo 95s are hard to find.
"The reason I am asking is that I have an opportunity to buy the Arcam DV139 at a good price; but Oppo 95s are hard to find. "

Found one! Got it! Thanks for the help!