Arcam DV 88 vs Arcam DV 78

Can anyone tell me about the differences in these units Arcam DV88 and DV 78 both in terms of video and analog audio? I currently have a DV88 Is the DV 78 worth the extra cash?
If I remember correctly the only difference is the progressive output on the 78 which was available on the 88P.
I also am interested and don't want to,in any manner hijack your thread.I was inteerested in the audio only (redbook) performance of these units.Again KMILLER5,hope I haven't offended.
I have the DV88 and feel that the audio performace (especially at the price) is quite good for both movies and 2 channel. I am, however, looking for that little extra that I feel isn't there and am wondering if a newer version of the Arcam is the answer.