Arcam DV 88, Pioneer DVL 919 or Sony 9000 es ?

I need a new digital source, and would like to have video included. The Arcam has HDCD (good) is expensive and has questionable reliability. The Pioneer plays laserdiscs (have a few Disney discs not yet available on DVD, that my child really likes)and a lot of bells & whistles and moving parts (that worries me). The Sony has SACD (not a big deal to me) and is limited in it's ability to play all CD formats. I'm only interested in 2 channel play back. My first concern is sound not video. I plan to use the S video output, no component video inputs on my current TV (Panasonic 27") and I don't plan on upgrading the TV for a couple of years. The current system incudes c-j PF-2L into c-j MF 80 into Thiel CS 2's all wired with Straightwire LSI Encore for audio and HAVE Canare cables for video, plugged into a Adcom ACE 515 power conditioner. All in a fairly live room that is 23.75' by 11.75' with a ceiling that varies from 9' to 14' with speakers set up along the long wall. The flooring is carpeted over wood suspended over concrete and seperated from the rest of the house. The current system could use help with tighter bass especially when things get complicated (solo bass isn't too bad)and varies from recording to recording, also the lower treble can be a bit ragged. I suspect the room could use work and a bigger amp would help and some of these problems are inherent in the system, but for now I'm interested in the source. Any one compare these units or have any other suggestions? As always, thanks in advance.
I've been contemplating getting either the Pioneer DVL-919, Elite DVL-91 or the Sony s9000ES myself but for different reasons.

I own a DVL-700 which is starting act goofy. First it wouldn't eject DVDs, now it keeps spitting them out. So I thought of getting the 919 or the Elite model to replace it, that way I'll have DTS to go along with the new/used pre/pro I just got.

But then I had this other goofy idea of getting the 9000ES so I'd have SACD, progressive scan video for my HT and a possible replacement transport for the Theta Pearl I'm currently using in my music only system. This would include having my Pioneer repaired for laserdisc playback only.

Your concern about all the DVL's moving parts may be a valid one. Recently with all it's troubles, it's been making a loud clanking, snapping sound when turning off if a disc is in the player. Something must be out of alignment.

If you're primarily concerned more with music you might consider getting the Sony and sending it to Tweak Audio for Ric Schultz's mods. But I would experiment with room acoustics and placement before dropping a ton of cash on a new piece of equipment. If you have hard flat surfaces especially in the first reflection area it could cause the glare in the lower treble region you're trying to fix.
Gunbei, thanks for your reply. The room needs work. I am considering differnt options. The surfaces are fairly well "broken up" and side walls are over 6' away from the speakers. Ideally I'd have another 1.25' or so along the short wall but alas nothings perfect. Right now I need a source.
Yeah, I can understand that. It's nice to speculate what an ideal room should be, but the reality is that there are other things and other people to consider.

My Pioneer DVL700 which I got in the summer of 1998 has been flawless until now. I'm not sure if it's failure is doue to the extra bells and whistles you mentioned, but it could be. From what testimony I've read it seems the Sony 9000ES is very well constructed, but it hasn't been around long enough to make a determination of it's long-term durability.

If you can do without laserdisc I think the Sony may be the way to go on your road to 2-channel happiness. Have you tried other speakers with your CJ set up? The CJ separates should be pretty smooth, so I think the raggedness you're experiencing might be due to the Thiels which I understand are very up front. Just a guess.
I think the the raggedness is due to the room. It wasn't there in my old room and it really isn't too bad. The c-j stuff works quite nicely with the Thiels. I do think that the ported bass is a problem, though.
i've had the arcam over a year now and am fits in well with my british stuff is why i selected it.mine lacks progressive scan but it looks terrific with my xbr, sharp colors, no bleeding of colors ;i know that the machine is upgradable for progressive scan .soundtracks sound wonderful and when i occasionally use the player for cd's it sounds pretty good to me and my senitive usually cd player is naim and the arcam compares favorably for a fraction of the cost of the naim . arcam and naim both deliver a "flat earth" (prat)if that means anything to and the pioneer both are good but different sonic characteristics to me(brighter).i see the dv 88 used for cheap at the usual sites.for me tha arcam no question.