Arcam dv 78 or adcom gd 850?

I am looking to buy a new dvd I am look for the best picture quality not red book or dvd audio. Can any one help in the range or 600 to 1000 thanks Joe
The Denon DVD-3910 is an excellent universal player that can be bought new for about $1000. You might try a Google search for sellers, or you can contact one of our Audiogon members, "Disco", who has been helping our members for more than 6 years. I just bought a new 3910 from Disco, and was extremely pleased with the whole transaction. Disco's e-mail address is:

You might also want to check Disco's buyer/seller feedback here on A-gon.
I just replaced my Denon DVD2900 -(which some the last year model denons outpreform the new ones-NOT in the FEATURE dept. though...) With an Arcam dv78 and it smokes the denon in every catagory-especially in the sound-with both digital and analogue outputs. The video is slightly better on the Arcam, but the Denon is hard to fault in this arena.
I not am lusting for the DV79 or 89...
The Acram is the first dvd player that had me listening to my 5 channel system in "2channel mode" spinning cd's again...It truely reminds my of all of my better high end cd players....I think this sais it all!!!!