Arcam Diva 72 vs CAL Mk II with HDCD upgrade

Anybody have any opinions on the similarities or differences of Arcam Diva 72 versus a CAL Mk II with HDCD upgrade? If given the choice of buying either "used" at roughly the same price, which would you choose? I like a cd player which has great dynamics, lotsa detail, large and defined soundstage.
I tend to like a little more "brighter" sounding highs. I currently have a Sony CDP-CA8ES 5 disc carousel player connected to a Classe model 6 preamp, Bryston 4B-ST power amp driving Chapman T-7 loudspeakers. Are the DAC's similar on these unit's. Also since I will be buying "used", how is the reliability of these unit's?
I am familiar with both the CAL (I think you referring to the Icon MKII with HDCD) and the Arcam Diva CD72. I couldn’t classify either player as “bright”. The Diva 72 resolves more information (a little on the analytical side) and uses newer technology than the CAL, although it lacks the HDCD feature. The Icon is a bit “warmer” sounding with a deeper soundstage. Reliability has not been one of California Audio Labs strong points, and repairs are costly. I have seen a few Arcam’s that were DOA, but fewer incidence of repair after being in service than with the CAL’s. Another option may be the Arcam Alfa 7SE. Now discontinued, but still available new and used. Many feel this was a better player than the newer Diva 72. Also the Diva 72 is soon to be discontinued, as the transports are no longer being manufactured.
Hello Ekaras:

How are you doing?? I was just reading the above comment, and all I have to say is that I disagree with what "Ritt" has to say in reference to the Arcam DiVA CD72. I read both European and American audio publications, and from what I hear over there, the Arcam DiVA CD72 is still very much in production, and there is no plans of it being discontinued any time soon. While it is true that the original transport is no longer available, Arcam has managed to find a replacement transport for the original. What they did afterwards was improve the power supply and fine tune the DACS so that perform more optimally with the new transport. In fact, there is something else to consider. The Arcam DiVA CD72 has received a "Hi-Fi" product of the year award for a device in its price category. So why Arcam would want to mess up a good thing and discontinue a product as soon as wins an award such as the one I just mentioned?? You can call around to some Arcam dealers to get some kind of confirmation if you like. You can find a list of American dealers right at their website.

Hope this helps, and good luck.